Hardened decapping pin Hi! 223 for Redding and Dillon adapter

Spare hardened decapping pin for Dillon adapter and Redding adapter for .223 Rem cartridges. The pin includes expander ball.

Skladem (>5 pcs)


Spare hardened decapping pin for Dillon adapter and Redding adapter for .223 Rem cartridges. The needle also includes "expander ball" function, when the inner diameter of the neck is formatted at the same time. Expander ball is made in size ø5.65 +0.01-0.02 mm.

This pin is made of tool steel, which is hardened to 56 HRC, and thanks to this, it easily penetrates even the bottom of an unintentionally mixed BERDAN cartridge. The tip of the pin is shaped so that the stuck primer slips as best as possible and thus minimizes the phenomenon of the primer being pulled back into the primer pocket.

The pin has a total length of 128 mm, so it covers almost all reloading calibers.


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